Reviewing and Your Freelance Content Poo

In the pursuit of freelance writing opportunities, you may locate a suitable idea that might match a client or advertisement perfectly. The need to trap any and all possible ideas in the writing business is something of great importance. This is especially true if you are working hard to build a diverse portfolio.


Risou no Himo Seikatsu
Diversification in your content pool is critical. Having specialized areas where you might have lots of knowledge certainly is an advantage to your self-promotion. Even so, a client or job opportunity to write about an unfamiliar topic presents something unique. You can learn about something totally new and build upon what comes from that work.
It is very possible that anything you might have written down for an idea could translate into the assigned project. Even if that idea might have been meant for something unrelated, it can still result in a nice payday for the assignment. Thus the need to review your notebooks, computer files, and whatever else you use to catch your ideas needs to be a regular exercise for your writing business. That review is not something to be rushed and can be quite enjoyable. Think about it! Passionate professionals in the trade love to sit down with a drink and look at the transposed thoughts now on paper or screen. They can generate more than just new ideas. They can make the old inspirations come to life again with a refreshing breath of clear air. Those pieces of paper could even be refined a bit with some extra words if needed. As an example, on occasion I have taken some pages and added possible topics where the ideas might work. Something that might transpose into a post on writing could be used to explain something instructional on something such as the compositional process in music.

Feng Yu Jiu Tian
You might be fortunate to find a regular gig writing for a particular website or publication that is topic-specific. If you fall into this category, consider spending some time coming up with ideas just in relation to that website / publication. A short while ago, I landed a great freelance gig where the topics are very centered around the same subject. I’ve managed to generate several quality articles for this one site. It is up to me to work hard and see that I continue generating content. In addition to any other ideas that come up, my work involves very specific research and brainstorming for that site alone. I will spend a specific amount of time thinking on the subjects for the site and what kind of content I can add. By reviewing the content pool, I might find a few ideas worthy of bringing to life that can tie into the website.
Your content pool should never be limited to just ideas for freelance work. Most content pools will start out as creative writing ideas for pleasure. The majority of my notebook pages fit that description. Remember that time spent writing is still time spent being


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